Today, Numerical Portability begins to work in our country and along with it, the new crusade of brands to retain their customers who have the right to change companies without losing their number.

The eyes are on the three companies that dominate the market: Entel, Movistar and Claro, and their customers anxiously await new offers, better prices and discounts. 

The Number Portability that takes place between 3:00 and 5:00 AM, announces a new regulatory framework for brands and completely changes the rules of the game in the telephony, allowing customers the opportunity to enjoy more benefits and a large number of rights when demanding a quality service from your current mobile operator.

The offer

Movistar will deliver a 20% discount for 12 months to those who change companies. This would be the first of other offers that will be announced later.

Claro  said it will deliver a plan that for $ 23,000 includes 300 free minutes, 100 text messages, 1 GB of traffic at 2mbps and 4 frequent numbers to communicate with unlimited free calls. Those who carry their prepayments may choose the same 4 unlimited numbers, although to maintain the benefit they will have to recharge at least $ 3600 each month. New prepaid lines will have bonuses of at least $ 5,000 on each recharge for 3 months, and $ 15,000 bonus.


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