When a brand announces the launch of a certain technology, application or event, all users and even those who are not, wait expectantly and eager to know what will happen. But what happens when our expectations are not met and brands are responsible for disappointment?

If you do not remember what we are talking about, here are seven examples from last year that gave enough to talk about and that broke the hearts of more than one client.

1. Google+: The social network created by the most famous search engine in the world seems to have failed to convince Internet users, since they continued using Facebook before the new new 2.0 site that offers image editor, video calls, organization of your contacts in circles , among other things.

2. BlackBerry: Last October, Research In Motion (RIM), the smartphone manufacturer, had to deal with a power outage that left millions of customers without service. It also adds the loss of market share against Apple and Android and the lack of updating the operating system.

3. Facebook: The new biography or profile design, which generates a timeline that covers the entire life of the user, was harshly criticized for its lack of usability.

4. PlayStation: The attack of a hacker last April on the website of Sony PSN online services, generated the publication of personal data that users shared on the network, such as bank details and addresses.

5. iPhone: When Apple users anxiously awaited the arrival of the new iPhone5, they had to settle for the iPhone 4S, which does not mean a breakthrough compared to its predecessor, but despite this the 4S broke sales record in 2011.

6. Apple and Samsung: They have accused each other of intellectual property violation in order to prevent the sale of their adversaries’ items. This has allowed them to remove items from the market already taken for sale.

7. Anonymous: The threat they promised to Facebook as a result of the violation of their users’ privacy was only a project that did not materialize, affecting their credibility and reputation.

If you remember another failure of 2011, tell us!


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