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The Beginners Guide to 6 Types of Internet Marketing


Every corner of the growth you see today has the contribution of the internet. Right from communication, education, health each and every aspect is associated with the internet. The world is highly amalgamated with the internet, and it is impossible to filter one from another. This article is a spotlight for the types of internet marketing in practice which helps you scale your business to a very next level.

Here is a quick list of various types of internet marketing

1.     Social media marketing

In the ocean of online marketing, social media is the biggest fish. It is always crowned as the winning player. It is the most attention acquirer among the other online marketing means. The social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on are the top runners. These days social media marketing has two different approaches, one is organic marketing, and the other is paid marketing. Organic marketing possesses free marketing approaches, which help you to target the right customers. In the paid approach, you pay a famous individual to promote your business by paying him a sum of money.

2.    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is another very significant kind of online marketing which is very popular that involves the process of optimizing the websites on the internet to improve your site visibility and rank. This promotes an increase in visitors and real customers. It is a practical time tool to quarry the targeted customers in a faster way. Everything you find on Google today is the contribution of SEO.

3.    Content marketing

Content marketing is a process of generating engaging and effective content which can strategically promote the targeted market into productive customers.  There are various kinds of content business they are: Guest posting, private blog network, blog posting, online videos, reports and studies, infographics, e-books, webinars, and so on. An effective content you find online will be SEO rich.

4.    Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the processes where a real-life celebrity involves in marketing. For example, a public icon pitches in to promote a business, and then he/she can be considered as the influencer. They promote the business to their followers, and those followers become customers. Before the internet, influencer marketing was highly popular among rich brands who could afford expensive celebrities to promote their business.

5.    Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process where a third person encourages the company of a source client through referrals. In other words, a business pays the commission to the third party who promotes their business.  This is one of the very popular marketing types in the current industry.

6.   Email marketing

Email marketing is a type where you send the business-related advertisements directly to your targeted customers through emails. Since the globe is internet-oriented, it is very convenient for both the sources and the customers to channel into the email streams for services.

How Internet Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business Online


In the current marketing industry, the internet has stretched the opportunities for the small business to boom in no time. Advertising the company to the very corners of the world has approached ultimate levels. There are immense strategies online that can help your business elevate beyond traditional scales.

In this article, we are speaking everything about the internet that can help grow your business online.

1.     The rise in the relationship between the source and the target

Today, the internet is a global redeemer for millions of challenges. It is growing faster than ever. Aprende mas sobre SEO Aca.  Every individual depends on the internet for all sorts of advantages. Everything man thought has come to life due to technological advancement. From visiting a shop for purchasing to buy things, online, every aspect has been engulfed by the internet. The customers understand the business and every thread associated with it. There is immense transparency in the business due to the intervention of the internet.

2.    Tremendous marketing plan for your business

Every business needs an effective plan to achieve targeted success. The marketing plans are very significant to help your business drive in a resonating manner. In the current global business marketing, the most prominent channel to set your sales on track is Google. The numbers of online retailers is increasing and thus increasing the revenue. A practical plan will nail your business with the right approaches.

3.    Online ads

The online ads are the unique and fastest form of reaching the doorsteps of your targeted customers. If you want visibility of your business, then you need to be exclusive. Make sure your form on the internet is optimized; in other words, you need to build a robust website to generate traffic with the help of SEO. Even the social media platform is one of every significant platform to market your business. These channels will help you reach the right customers in less amount of time.

4.    Generate an online marketing strategy

Internet helps you to compete in the live market along with the proper guidance. Having an effective plan is not sufficient to be in a winning side. A strategic approach with perfect means is very crucial. The online strategies like creating substantial brand value, planning the right target, inducing network, building a robust social media marketing, user-friendly platform, flowing up with the feedbacks and suggestion from the customers and the network can help you sail faster.

5.    Updating with the latest trend

The online platform is highly volatile, each day is new, and every single minute comes with a new strategy. The patterns that are booming today might collapse the next day. Hence it is imperative to keep updating with the latest trends. Be open to new approaches and developments.

Number Portability in Chile


Today, Numerical Portability begins to work in our country and along with it, the new crusade of brands to retain their customers who have the right to change companies without losing their number.

The eyes are on the three companies that dominate the market: Entel, Movistar and Claro, and their customers anxiously await new offers, better prices and discounts. 

The Number Portability that takes place between 3:00 and 5:00 AM, announces a new regulatory framework for brands and completely changes the rules of the game in the telephony, allowing customers the opportunity to enjoy more benefits and a large number of rights when demanding a quality service from your current mobile operator.

The offer

Movistar will deliver a 20% discount for 12 months to those who change companies. This would be the first of other offers that will be announced later.

Claro  said it will deliver a plan that for $ 23,000 includes 300 free minutes, 100 text messages, 1 GB of traffic at 2mbps and 4 frequent numbers to communicate with unlimited free calls. Those who carry their prepayments may choose the same 4 unlimited numbers, although to maintain the benefit they will have to recharge at least $ 3600 each month. New prepaid lines will have bonuses of at least $ 5,000 on each recharge for 3 months, and $ 15,000 bonus.

Best Global Brands 2011


The ranking, which has a total of 100 brands, has been developed based on three premises: financial performance, the role of the brand in the purchase decision process and the strength of the brand.

Coca-Cola ranks first in the list valued at US $ 71,861 million. It is followed in second place by IBM, valued at US $ 69,905 million, Microsoft at US $ 59,087 million, and Google whose value amounts to US $ 55,317 million.

In the fifth place appears General Electric with a valuation of the brand of US $ 42.808 million, followed by the fast-food giant McDonald`s, with a valuation of US $ 35,593 million

In the seventh position, Intel is with US $ 35,217 million, it is followed in the eighth position Apple valued at US $ 33,492 million, giving the biggest surprise in the list since it jumped from the 17th place it occupied in 2010, undoing Nokia to enter the top ten.

Closing the ranking, in the ninth position is the Disney factory with US $ 29,018 million and Hewlett-Packard with US $ 28,479 million.


The Great War Begins After Portability


Portability began and with it the increase in competition, since this year at least five new operators will be incorporated, both traditional and virtual, reaching eight actors that will provide mobile services.

But for now, the projections suggest that the first year only between 10% and 15% of users will change companies, reaching 25% in the second year. That figure is given, on the one hand, because even the new players entering this market, VTR and Nextel, and the virtual mobile operators Virgin, Falabella and Netline that have not defined a date for its implementation. 

What do the new competitors hold?


The British company, which promises better prices on rates, will arrive in the national market during the last days of March or early April and will target the youth market. As Matías Wolff, director of marketing declares: “In segmentation we will go out of their way for them. Everything will be designed for young people. We know that Virgin is a cool brand and has certain permissions. That message is interesting to them. ”

And they are already doing it, with their message “soon they will stop shitting” that has generated controversy and that apparently has been rejected by some television channels.

As they advance, customer service will be one of the important points. This is why the call center will be in the same offices of the company, they will not outsource it. 


This company is finalizing the last details for the official launch, which will be in the course of the first semester.

“At the end of the month, the white march begins, which by itself will be very innovative and innovative, because we are going to ask 10,000 users (throughout Chile) external that under very good special commercial conditions, we help with your comments, observations, complaints, to build our commercial offer and to co-fund our network, “said VTR Executive Chairman Mauricio Ramos.

“The idea is that users tell us what they would like to have, what they would like us to do, what types of services or plans they would like us to offer, to help us co-fund the network, because we want to innovate from the beginning,”


The promise of Nextel is an innovative mobile communication system called Push to talk, where customers will be able to communicate between Nextel equipment unlimitedly and for a fixed cost, not only in Chile, but in all countries that have the presence of the company (United States, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina and Peru).

As stated by the vice president of legal and corporate affairs, Miguel Oyonart, this service “generates a one-to-one and direct connection with users, is the latest generation and has a total or similar quality of service to telephony. With this I believe that we will be a real competition, “he said.


Falabella, one of the largest retail firms in Latin America, reported that its objective is to function as a virtual mobile operator and use the systems and facilities of other companies that already have the necessary infrastructure.

From this business scheme, Falabella begins to have the first conversations with Movistar, Entel and Claro. Although the company also does not rule out negotiations with VTR and Nextel.


Like Virgin Mobile, Netline plans to enter the mobile phone market as a Virtual Mobile Operator. To this group Telsur is added again with his OMV after the Entel-Gtd merger did not prosper.

How has the Portability experience been in other Latin American countries?

Mexico was the first country in Latin America to implement number portability on June 5, 2008, and according to the figures provided by 4G Americas, as of September 2011, the number of ported lines registered amounts to 935,054 for landlines and 3,414. 607 for mobile.

Brazil implemented it progressively between September 2008 and February 2009, and as of September 2011, 5,372,190 applications have been reported for fixed lines, with 4,026,902 numbers ported, and 9,625,738 orders with 8,010 are counted for mobile lines .873 ported numbers.

In Peru, portability is only enabled on mobile networks and began on January 1, 2010. 

Argentina, for its part, postponed the start of the modality next March. 

Then begins a mobile war to create the best strategies to capture and retain customers, where consumers will be the only beneficiaries and will have the power of decision in their hands.

45 Ambient marketing actions that you can’t miss


This tool searches through the elements of the environment to captivate people and get their attention with motives or elements that can hardly go unnoticed.

What is it? 

Ambient marketing or environment marketing is a booming promotional trend that involves using common elements of the environment to convey an advertising message in a striking way. 

It is not therefore about introducing a new advertising element in the environment, such as a fence or a canvas in traditional outdoor advertising; nor to mount an event on the street as “street marketing would do, but that ambient marketing takes everyday elements and reinvents them to give them an advertising purpose. In this way it is more striking, affordable and less intrusive than other forms of promotion.  

The actions of Ambient Marketing are simple, friendly, inexpensive and high impact ideas; These would be the basic keys of ambient marketing. Just add that, while born on the street, it can be applied to other spaces such as fairs, offices, business vehicles, etc. 

Basic tips for an ambient marketing campaign -Environmental marketing is 

cheaper, but it is not free. It requires a good creativity and a correct realization to be striking and effective. 

– Do not disturb the public: your idea should not cause inconvenience or offend people. The goal is to provoke a smile and convey your message. 

-Environmental marketing can only convey very basic messages, therefore you must complement the campaign with other elements.

We present 45 different ways to reach the public regardless of traditional media and formats. 

The 10 most popular purchases using a mobile device


According to a study by Jumtap and comScore, 63% of users who have a tablet have made a purchase with their device. Meanwhile, 83% of PC users have made a purchase from their laptop or desktop computer.

This research also found that 67% of men, compared to 55% of women, have made purchases through their tablet. While 39% of men and 23% of women have performed such action from their mobile phones.

One in 8 users access their online banking, credit card or financial information from their mobile device, one of each goes directly to a bank branch.

Apparently the use of tablets as a means to buy items online is becoming a trend, and according to a study by Forrester Research Projects, tablet sales in the United States will double. This year, a sale of 26 million units was reported and for 2012 a sale of 50 million is expected.

Jumptap made a list of the items that have been purchased most through these devices. Check it below.

1. Event tickets 38%
2. Coupons and offers online 38%
3. Dress and accessories 36%
4. Travel 33%
5. Physical copies of books, video games and movies 33%
6. Electronic devices (except mobile phones) 32 %
7.Flowers and gifts 30%
8.Toys 30%
9. Services in general (Printing, shipping services, etc.) 26%
10. Consumer goods, sports and fitness 25

The 7 Most Famous Digital Failures Of 2011


When a brand announces the launch of a certain technology, application or event, all users and even those who are not, wait expectantly and eager to know what will happen. But what happens when our expectations are not met and brands are responsible for disappointment?

If you do not remember what we are talking about, here are seven examples from last year that gave enough to talk about and that broke the hearts of more than one client.

1. Google+: The social network created by the most famous search engine in the world seems to have failed to convince Internet users, since they continued using Facebook before the new new 2.0 site that offers image editor, video calls, organization of your contacts in circles , among other things.

2. BlackBerry: Last October, Research In Motion (RIM), the smartphone manufacturer, had to deal with a power outage that left millions of customers without service. It also adds the loss of market share against Apple and Android and the lack of updating the operating system.

3. Facebook: The new biography or profile design, which generates a timeline that covers the entire life of the user, was harshly criticized for its lack of usability.

4. PlayStation: The attack of a hacker last April on the website of Sony PSN online services, generated the publication of personal data that users shared on the network, such as bank details and addresses.

5. iPhone: When Apple users anxiously awaited the arrival of the new iPhone5, they had to settle for the iPhone 4S, which does not mean a breakthrough compared to its predecessor, but despite this the 4S broke sales record in 2011.

6. Apple and Samsung: They have accused each other of intellectual property violation in order to prevent the sale of their adversaries’ items. This has allowed them to remove items from the market already taken for sale.

7. Anonymous: The threat they promised to Facebook as a result of the violation of their users’ privacy was only a project that did not materialize, affecting their credibility and reputation.

If you remember another failure of 2011, tell us!

The Controversial Law To Stop Internet Piracy


The Stop Online Piracy Act, better known as the Law and Soup, aims to block websites that offer links to content protected by intellectual property rights.

This bill, promoted by the United States Congress on October 26 last year, features Lamar S. Smith , a congressman who has the support of the Hollywood film industry, the major US labels and Entertainment Software Association, the organization that brings together the leading video game development companies.

The affected

Any website that contains links to content protected by copyright, such as music, movies, series, computer programs, etc., and that is not licensed for it, could be blocked, all this regardless of where the website is hosted (within or outside the borders of the United States).

Facebook and Twitter will be totally affected by this law, since even a comment from a user who had a link that directs to another site that violates the rule could cause blocking of the entire site.

Companies that register the domains of the infringing pages, payment intermediation services such as PayPal and even search engines that offer results that lead to the infringing pages (eg Google), will also be affected.

If the SOPA Law is approved, the Department of Justice will have the power to criminalize any website that hosts illegal content and will be imposed on internet providers, search engines and online advertising and payment companies.

It also stipulates that web companies that advertise or have businesses with offenders may also be blocked.

Measures against the law

As a quick and coordinated action against the bill, the Reddit social bookmarking service announced a blackout of its services. Measure supported by the Wikimedia Foundation (responsible for Wikipedia), as well as others that are against it such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo !, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Amazon, Mozilla, Paypal, among others.

If in the debate in the Congress of the next day 18 it is confirmed that the SOPA law continues its legal course, these large companies will organize a joint disconnection on a global scale on January 23, one day before the law is discussed again in The House of Representatives. If that happened, it would be a digital blackout unprecedented in the history of the Internet, which would mean millions of losses worldwide.

Toyota Surprises By Creating A Personalized Rap On Social Networks


The last campaign of the Japanese multinational is a personalized rap that has surprised its customers.<--break->

It is the new action created by the agency Saatchi & Saatchi , which seeks to promote the new Yaris in the younger audience.

Through Facebook, Toyota asks its followers What has life brought you today? To convert the best answers into personalized music videos, with two of the characters from his latest commercial on TV: rapper Gadget and his pet Slick. That will then be disseminated through Facebook and YouTube.