The ranking, which has a total of 100 brands, has been developed based on three premises: financial performance, the role of the brand in the purchase decision process and the strength of the brand.

Coca-Cola ranks first in the list valued at US $ 71,861 million. It is followed in second place by IBM, valued at US $ 69,905 million, Microsoft at US $ 59,087 million, and Google whose value amounts to US $ 55,317 million.

In the fifth place appears General Electric with a valuation of the brand of US $ 42.808 million, followed by the fast-food giant McDonald`s, with a valuation of US $ 35,593 million

In the seventh position, Intel is with US $ 35,217 million, it is followed in the eighth position Apple valued at US $ 33,492 million, giving the biggest surprise in the list since it jumped from the 17th place it occupied in 2010, undoing Nokia to enter the top ten.

Closing the ranking, in the ninth position is the Disney factory with US $ 29,018 million and Hewlett-Packard with US $ 28,479 million.



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