This tool searches through the elements of the environment to captivate people and get their attention with motives or elements that can hardly go unnoticed.

What is it? 

Ambient marketing or environment marketing is a booming promotional trend that involves using common elements of the environment to convey an advertising message in a striking way. 

It is not therefore about introducing a new advertising element in the environment, such as a fence or a canvas in traditional outdoor advertising; nor to mount an event on the street as “street marketing would do, but that ambient marketing takes everyday elements and reinvents them to give them an advertising purpose. In this way it is more striking, affordable and less intrusive than other forms of promotion.  

The actions of Ambient Marketing are simple, friendly, inexpensive and high impact ideas; These would be the basic keys of ambient marketing. Just add that, while born on the street, it can be applied to other spaces such as fairs, offices, business vehicles, etc. 

Basic tips for an ambient marketing campaign -Environmental marketing is 

cheaper, but it is not free. It requires a good creativity and a correct realization to be striking and effective. 

– Do not disturb the public: your idea should not cause inconvenience or offend people. The goal is to provoke a smile and convey your message. 

-Environmental marketing can only convey very basic messages, therefore you must complement the campaign with other elements.

We present 45 different ways to reach the public regardless of traditional media and formats. 


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