According to a study by Jumtap and comScore, 63% of users who have a tablet have made a purchase with their device. Meanwhile, 83% of PC users have made a purchase from their laptop or desktop computer.

This research also found that 67% of men, compared to 55% of women, have made purchases through their tablet. While 39% of men and 23% of women have performed such action from their mobile phones.

One in 8 users access their online banking, credit card or financial information from their mobile device, one of each goes directly to a bank branch.

Apparently the use of tablets as a means to buy items online is becoming a trend, and according to a study by Forrester Research Projects, tablet sales in the United States will double. This year, a sale of 26 million units was reported and for 2012 a sale of 50 million is expected.

Jumptap made a list of the items that have been purchased most through these devices. Check it below.

1. Event tickets 38%
2. Coupons and offers online 38%
3. Dress and accessories 36%
4. Travel 33%
5. Physical copies of books, video games and movies 33%
6. Electronic devices (except mobile phones) 32 %
7.Flowers and gifts 30%
8.Toys 30%
9. Services in general (Printing, shipping services, etc.) 26%
10. Consumer goods, sports and fitness 25


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